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If you are considering getting married abroad we are sure to have an overseas wedding destination that suits your style and budget. You may be thinking about getting married in Cyprus taking the plunge in the Caribbean searching for a cheap wedding package in Las Vegas or your are already married and are thinking about renewing your vows.
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BUT due to possible budget restrictions I may now have to reconsider. I was just wondering what you are paying for your weddings abroad all in and what you are getting for that money? what is the etiquete? Who do you pay for and who pays for themselves? Not sure where else to get an idea of prices from other than the people who are going through it themselves. Any tips / information is greatly appreciated. Follow my blog as a bridesmaid. Finally a bridesmaid no longer a bride 12 Jul 2008 1236. Heres a break down of ours.
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Full set of photographs. As a little caveat to the weddings abroad prices above please also remember although Im sure youre fully aware that the cost of getting married abroad is also dependent on a number of variable factors such as the region you would like to get married in the time of year of your wedding the number of guests attending your personal tastes. For additional information on weddings abroad prices and general costs and budget tips click here or take a look at the wedding abroad destination guides. More information on Weddings Abroad Prices. If you would like further details on weddings abroad prices have a chat with Independent Travel Specialists Holidaysplease.
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Additional Mauritius Wedding Information. Non-UK citizens getting married in Mauritius could need extra documentation and extra charges may apply. We recommend you get in touch with your own Embassy or Consulate to check procedures for getting married abroad. Non-UK citizens getting married in Mauritius will need their marriage certificate sent to the Prime Ministers office to have an Apostille stamp so that it is internationally recognised. This will be done locally by Beachcombers representative after the wedding and will take approximately 24 hours your marriage certificate will then be passed back to you. There is a small charge for this service payable locally. Do ensure that all photocopies of your paperwork are both clear and complete to ensure legal permissions for your wedding arrangements are not delayed.
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For those couples who are looking to work within a specific budget a wedding abroad can be ideal. It could be a reasonably priced hotel for you and your guests to stay at or book one of our Celebration Wedding Packages and spread the cost of your wedding arrangements. Start Planning Discover More My Wedding Profile 0808 168 1210. Europe Sun Cyprus Limassol Pissouri.
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Top 10 Weddings amp Honeymoons. F.A.Q's about getting married abroad. Join us at our up-and-coming Wedding Shows. Plan your dream Wedding with Pinnacle. Some tips to ensure your perfect wedding abroad. Typical questions about getting married abroad. Legal requirements for getting married abroad. The Pinnacle Gift List. Just a few of the popular questions that our Weddings Abroad and Honeymoon team often answers. Where can I get married abroad? We can arrange your wedding in more than 30 exotic countries worldwide. Some destinations such as the Maldives dont offer weddings but are perfect for renewing your vows or a romantic honeymoon.
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Dream wedding Getting married abroad can cost much less than the average 20000 wedding price tag. Why get married abroad? One of the best reasons for tying the knot overseas is of course to sidestep a wet and windy UK wedding in favour of sunny skies and sandy beaches. But it also can help to keep a lid on costs. Weddings are usually smaller because fewer guests tend to travel abroad. This means a smaller venue and less money spent on catering.
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Jump straight to holiday search. Just performed a search? Jump straight to search results. Jump straight to offer details. Top Tips for Marriage Overseas. Special requirements Getting married abroad. Overseas weddings have to be organised months in advance. Other than the bookings and planning for the wedding itself you may need visas jabs and certain documents. Get advice about which of these you'll need to take and make sure wedding gifts rings and clothes are covered by your travel insurance. Original birth certificates are an absolute must wherever you go. After that requirements depend on your age and previous marital status.

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